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21 Nov

WVU students and employees who delayed installing the new Mac operating system, Yosemite OSX 10.10, may now proceed and are unlikely to encounter compatibility issues with most University systems.

STAR, eCampus and Kaspersky Anti-Virus downloads should all function normally with Yosemite.

Users could potentially encounter problems with MAP (Mountaineer Administrative Processes) because it currently requires Java 6 rather than more recent versions. Printing in some locations could also be affected because Konica Minolta is no longer releasing new drivers for some older machines. Most printers will become usable as the new drivers are released.

For assistance with either MAP or printing alternatives, please contact Information Technology Services at (304) 293-4444 or

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21 Nov

As the holiday shopping season gears up, so are the scammers who want to steal your personal and financial information. Information Security Services reminds all students and employees that you should NEVER use your WVU credentials for personal online shopping or give up your password to anyone who asks for it.

Shoppers also should be vigilant about suspicious email, including those claiming to come from vendors or shipping companies. Phishing attempts aimed at stealing your username and password are often disguised as fake invoices or tracking notices.

Other clues that might indicate a phishing scam include: threats for failure to act; a suspicious-looking email address for the sender; pleas for money; and misspellings and poor grammar. You can see examples of additional clues here:

Remember, the best defense against identity theft is an educated consumer.

For a full list of tips for safe cyber shopping, click here:

WVU Information Technology Services personnel will NEVER send you an unsolicited email asking for your MyID username and password or other personally identifiable information. The only time you may be asked for that information is after you’ve contacted the Service Desk for help.

When in doubt, forward questionable email to

You can also check out an infographic about Cyber Security here:


20 Nov

Starting Monday, Nov. 24 and for the remainder of the fall semester, faculty will be able to sync i>Clicker2 software from on-campus locations only. Users who try to sync software from off-campus locations will get an error message, “Validation Error: There was problem validating the information provided. Please check your entries and try again.”

A vulnerability was recently discovered in i>Clicker2 version 6.4.1 and earlier versions. That means the privacy and security of transmissions can no longer be guaranteed.

Faculty using v6.4.1 and earlier versions will need to upgrade their software to iClicker2 version 6.4.2 afterthe fall semester ends.

The new V6.4.2 software will be available on Dec. 29 at under “Software Downloads.” All faculty should upgrade to this version before the start of the spring semester. Afterward, users will be able to sync from both on- and off-campus locations.

Please direct questions or concerns to the ITS Service Desk at (304) 293-4444 or email

6 Nov

The ‘My Courses’ tab and all its associated features in MIX will be deactivated prior to the start of the Fall 2015 semester due to changes in the underlying software. Information Technology Services is announcing this change now so that all faculty members have sufficient time to begin planning to use eCampus when emailing their classes or using course and content tools.

The training team at Information Technology Services has already scheduled two introductory classes on eCampus for Wednesday, Nov. 12 and Tuesday, Nov. 18. Classes will continue to be offered throughout the spring semester as well. To view the training schedule and see more details, click here:

For those unavailable to attend a class, instructions for two options to email a class are available here:

eCampus offers virtually every feature that MIX offers, along with some additional features. Faculty can view a side-by-side comparison of services here: Comparison of MIX and eCampus Tools

The current version of MIX is nearing its end of life. ITS is participating in a beta program for the new portal software, which currently does not include course management capabilities. The new portal instead includes more extensive integration with eCampus and its course management tools. More information about the new portal will be available this summer, but ITS wants to give faculty using the course management tools in MIX as much time as possible to transition to eCampus.

Although there have been some unplanned outages this semester, eCampus has been stable for the past month, and faculty should feel confident using it. ITS technical staff has worked with several vendors to isolate the possible root cause(s) and has conducted simulated stress testing to replicate the scenario experienced during mid-terms. Recommendations from the vendors have been implemented, along with new monitoring processes.

“With the end of life of our current software portal, we must work with faculty to make sure their needs are covered,” said Associate Provost and Chief Information Officer John Campbell. “With this advance warning, we are providing as much time as possible to work with faculty and ensure they are ready for the change.”

Please direct any questions or concerns to project manager Kristin Floyd at

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23 Oct

Information Technology Services recommends that WVU students and employees delay installing the new Mac operating system Yosemite, OSX 10.10 until its components are compatible with various University systems.

Students who download the new version are likely to experience problems with eCampus as a result because the Java version required for OSX 10.10 is incompatible. If users decide to upgrade, they must use Java 7 U 71 or higher.

Employees who download the new version of Java in OSX 10.10 could experience some problems with STAR or MAP.

Mac users who download the new operating system also should be aware that not all printers will work with OSX 10.10. Konica Minolta BizHubs has not yet deployed new printer drivers or indicated when it will.

In testing, it appears that Kaspersky Anti-Virus installs on Macs with the new operating system, but it doesn’t run properly.

ITS recommends that users delay installing this new operating system until further notice.

Please direct questions and concerns to or call (304) 293-4444 .

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23 Oct

Senta Chmiel and Ashley Mulligan will represent Information Technology Services this weekend as mentors for the Hack the Gender Gap Hackathon.

Women from WVU, Howard University, Penn State, Georgetown, Syracuse and other schools will be traveling to the new Innovation Lab at WVU’s Reed College of Media to participate.

The three-day event begins Friday, Oct. 24 at 8:30 p.m. with a live broadcast and interactive discussion with panelists at Google.

On Saturday, participants will work in teams to envision, map and pitch a start-up use for wearable technology that delivers a singular idea, product, service or process to solve a problem in the media industry.

On Sunday, the ideas will be presented to a panel of judges from the media and technology industries. The winners will be featured on the PBS MediaShift website.

Ashley will be live tweeting under her Twitter handle, @wvashleyg, and the hashtag #gendergap. Senta’s Twitter handle is @sfchmiel.

Click here for live streaming info:

For more about the event itself, click here:

21 Oct

Copy centers in four locations around the Morgantown campus have added test scanning and several other new services, becoming more convenient Service Centers under Information Technology Services.

The Service Centers now serve as convenient, same-day pickup sites for purchases made through the Software Licensing Information Center ( The Service Centers also will serve as pickup and drop-off locations for SEIs, or Student Evaluation of Instruction surveys, giving faculty members an alternative to campus mail.

Digital Document and Copier Services ( merged with ITS on July 1, reporting to Service Management Director Randy Stalnaker.

The Service Center previously located in the Communications Building on Evansdale is now in the Prete Building at 3040 University Ave. The other new location is the Evansdale Library. Service Centers also remain at the Mountainlair and the Health Sciences Center.

All locations will continue to provide copying, binding, laminating, faxing and digital printing services, including brochures, posters and other big prints.

For specific requests and cost estimates, please send an email to or contact the following people at each location:

PRETE BUILDING Christine Davis,

(304) 293-6366


(304) 293-4684


(304) 293-2040


(304) 293-5069

15 Oct

Information Technology Services has taken several steps to try to block unsolicited email invitations to students from a third-party, commercial website called About three dozen students have complained since Sept. 29 that they received unwanted invitations from the social media site that purports to let students collaborate on academic work.

ITS also intends to contact the operators of the GetStudyRoom application, and request that they stop asking students for their WVU credentials.

ITS was able to identify the students who improperly provided their credentials to GetStudyRoom. These students will be contacted directly by phone and email, and will be required to reclaim their MyID credentials with a quiz and change their passwords, starting 7 a.m. Thursday.

Students who aren’t sure whether they were tricked by the GetStudyRoom application can find out here:

ITS has been investigating how the GetStudyRoom service works and how its operators were able to contact students. ITS also has reviewed how other schools have dealt with the service and discovered the application has been blocked by the University of Central Florida, Penn State University and Northern Arizona University.

GetStudyRoom requires an .edu e-mail address to sign up and asks students for their institution’s name. But it was not created by the eCampus vendor, Blackboard, or solicited or vetted by ITS.

Students should NOT use WVU passwords for GetStudyRoom or any other third-party site. If your GetStudyRoom password is currently the same as your MyID password, please go to and change your MyID password.

Sharing usernames and passwords is a violation of University policy ( governing how students and employees should use technology.

Students who shared their WVU passwords did NOT have the ability to compromise any other students’ passwords or personal information. Classmates’ email addresses were the only pieces of information ever obtained by GetStudyRoom.

Any student or employee who receives suspicious or unsolicited email should forward those to for review.

14 Oct

ITS replacing Datacenter hardware Oct. 24-26

Michael | October 14th, 2014

Information Technology Services will be replacing hardware that guarantees an uninterrupted power supply to the Datacenter at One Waterfront Place from 6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 24 until 6 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 26.

The first phase was conducted Oct. 10-12 with no interruption of service, and no outages or downtime are expected for any servers or University systems during the second phase.

However, many mission-critical applications such as eCampus are housed in the Datacenter, and as with any maintenance, there is always a small risk that service could be disrupted.

Contractors will use both the building generator and an alternate power supply to avoid any outages. Should there be a problem, ITS Communications will inform users on multiple platforms, including social media and text messaging

Campus IT managers should plan to minimize the maintenance and patching workload, and reschedule if possible.

The Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS is a critical electrical apparatus that stands between the University’s electrical power and all computers, networking and telephone equipment in the Datacenter. The UPS ensures there are no voltage spikes or dips in the 24/7 power supply to expensive and electrically sensitive equipment.

The UPS units at Waterfront are discontinued equipment. They have not been manufactured since 2003, and replacement parts are no longer guaranteed. While the units have been very reliable, they must be replaced now to ensure a robust and supportable datacenter for years to come.

10 Oct

Effective immediately, WVU researchers and their staff should begin using MyID usernames and passwords when accessing services offered by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) at the University of Miami.

CITI provides training modules that help researchers nationwide learn to comply with federal standards as they conduct their work. Federal agencies that fund research often require this training, and WVU’s Office of Research Integrity and Compliance (ORIC) also requires certification through some training modules.

Until now, WVU research teams have signed in to CITI using various email accounts and credentials. That means the training sessions were not automatically linked to the same user. Now, researchers can use their MyID usernames and passwords to ensure that all training sessions are linked to the same account.

Users who know that they have used multiple accounts in the past or who know they have never used MyID credentials must follow the instructions in this link to merge those accounts: